E-Beam Deposition System
High Vacuum E-Beam Deposition System

High Vacuum E-Beam Deposition System

  • The e-beam system is specifically designed for deposition of a wide variety of materials including metals, dielectrics, oxides, semiconductors and alloys for R&D laboratory and pilot production applications
  • The system is capable of uniform deposition of ≦±3% (center-to-edge)
  • The system can be configured with an ion source for ion-beam cleaning and ion-assisted deposition (IAD) for hard optical coatings
  • System is available with different vacuum pumps including mechanical, dry-pump, turbo-pump, and cryo-pump for high-vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications
  • Additional features include versatility, ease of operation, and long term reliability for evaporation of single and multiple layers of thin or thick films
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Model Name EB-450
Chamber Size IDΦ450mm x 500mm(H)
Pumping System MP(DP) + Turbo Pump
Wafer Size ≦ 6”
Ultimate Pressure ≦ 5E-7 Torr
Process Vacuum ≦ 5E-6 Torr in 30 min
Substrate Rotate Rate 5~30rpm
Thickness Uniformity ±3%, ±5%
E Gun Power Supply 6KW
Pocket Number and Size 4 or 6 pockets/ 7~25cc
Control System PLC / PLC+PC
Thickness Monitor Yes
View Port Yes
Optional 1. Cooling System
2. Ion Source
3. Heating System
4. Cryo-Pump
5. Cold Trap

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